Our expertise

Our expertise

We develop a variety of solutions for various industries that span Web, Mobile, Desktop and Cloud Computing Platforms.

The continuously growing popularity of web applications and services has motivated us to develop secure, scalable and flexible web-enabled applications. We efficiently leverage the advantages of Java 2 Enterprise Platform (Java EE), the industry standard for implementing enterprise class applications with service-oriented architecture.

We offer niche solutions in areas where standard solutions do not offer competitive advantages. We treat any request from clients as a challenge for new applications and our R&D department can offer unique pilot solutions. Experience taught us that you have to be flexible in the business environment therefore we can easily adapt to changes and to client's new requests. Even though our team is a quite young one, our employees are highly specialized individuals, passionate about their field of study. We treat our work with professionalism and we base our development on a keen attention to details.

Technical requirements are individually designed for each project to address every need of a client. Our team takes pride in our know-how in a wide variety of services in information technology.

Programming languages

Java, C/C++, C#, .NET


Neuro Solutions (neural networks), Matlab (Signal processing), PetriNets


PC interfaces, microcontrollers

Relational database management systems

Oracle, MS SQL, MYSQL, PostgreSQL

Development environments

Visual .NET, J-Builder, SAP NetWeaver Portal, Oracle Portal Technologies, ArcGIS SDK